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A Simple Trip Wire 


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A Simple Trip Wire 

Written By: Lewis 




• Scissors (1) 

• AA Battery Holder (1) 

Soldering/desoldering tools (1) 

• AA Battery (1) 

Wire cutter/stripper (1) 

Beeper/Buzzer (1) 

• Cabled) 

• Copper pins (3) 

Photo frame hook (1) 


With a few easy steps build a trip wire! 

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A Simple Trip Wire 

Step 1 — A Simple Trip Wire 

• Solder a wire to one terminal of a 
beeper or buzzer. 

Step 2 

• Put two pins or nails into a board. 

• Put in a third pin with a photo hook 
pivoting on it. Position the pin so 
that when the hook swings it will 
contact one of the other two pins. 

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A Simple Trip Wire 

Step 3 

• Solder the wire from the 
beeper/buzzer to the pin that the 
hook will touch. 

• Solder a wire from a battery pack 
to the hook. 

Step 4 

• Complete the circuit by soldering a 
wire that connects the remaining 
terminals of the battery pack and 
the beeper/buzzer. 

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A Simple Trip Wire 

Step 5 

• Tie a string to the hook. Mount the 
board on one side of a doorway or 
walkway and stretch the string 
across to the other side. 

• Now wait for someone to walk into 
your trap! 

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